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Metal Coffee Table

Paulo Silva’s metal coffee tables are a bold statement piece. The use of color and the size make this table hard not to notice. The table shown measures 48″ wide x 48″ long x 14.5″ high. Made from 1.5″ raw steel square tubing topped with plate steel all seamlessly welded and rough grinder finish for the industrial look. Then custom painted with metallic paints with a lighter base color and a darker top color to achieve unique finish the is stunningly beautiful. Lastly, the table is buffed and polished to a “show car shine”.

The finish pattern will vary. Tables are finished in a very high gloss finish!! The table shown uses a silver metallic base and a turquoise metallic 2nd color then finished with a clear coat. Tables are available in various sizes and several colors. The colors available are almost endless. For more information inquire below or visit our online store to order your table.

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