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Born as Paulo Silva on the island of Teceira in the Azores islands of the coast of Portugal Paulo’s parents immigrated to the United States when he was just a baby. From an early age he’s been drawn to art and sculpture. By five he was drawing and continued through the years and incorporated metal work, landscape design, construction and wood work to his abilities by the time he was 20. He attended an art school in Northern California where he learned to forge metal as well as metal sculpture skills.

After many years in another career field he kept feeling drawn to be creative. That is when he decided to drop everything and go to a vocational school. There he mastered welding techniques, fabrication skills and painting skills earning him numerous awards by the school. This then kicked off the opening of an automotive customization shop where he worked on high end vehicles such as Lamborghinis and Ferraris. He became the preferred person by the local Ferrari and Lamborghini dealerships to work on their cars as well as their customers. However, the work was still not creative enough. He still felt the desire to create his own designs. That’s when the business changed to Paulo Silva Art & Design.

The basis behind Paulo Silva Art & Design is to design and create beyond the norm and step outside the box. At Paulo Silva Art & Design the world is seen through a colorful eye and that is the influence behind the work. While others may create nice pieces of work Paulo Silva Art & Design’s idea is to create a piece of work that will stand out as the centerpiece in room demanding attention and delivering an eye catching piece of art that has been personalized to the individual by adding color using special techniques. Having the ability to use masterful skills as a custom automotive painter and blending those with the abilities of a master fabricator and wood worker allows for very creative and unique pieces and metal work unlike no other.

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